The goal of the Young Kingdoms Wiki is to create a web presence for Jack Butler's longstanding fantasy game world. Construction on the Young Kingdoms began back in 1983, and the game world has been added to, amended, reconstructed, and tinkered with ever since.

Over several decades, Jack has added to his game world in fits and starts, by small bites and in large, encyclopedic masses, until what started out as small enough to keep in a folder has grown larger, until it fills several filing cabinets. And like the Blob from the classic 50's movie of the same name, it has eaten and absorbed nearly everything it's come across.

You'll find things adapted from the Greyhawk, Forgotten Realms, and Eberron settings, as well as bits and pieces of gleaned from other sources, as well as things that are specifically original to Jack's imagination.

Over the years, the specific source of some of the adapted material has been lost, so if you see something that tastes familiar, but isn't just quite, now you know why.

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