A Demon Lord is a powerful and unique Demon. They are by definition rulers of at least one layer of the Abyss, and have hordes of lesser demons in their service. Being creatures of chaos, however, not all demons are servants to a demon lord.

All demon lords are technically -- if not actively -- at war with one another almost all the time. While some alliances are forged and uneasy truces held, most demon lords are actively at war with one or two others. Often these combatants have similar interests (and are therefore rivals for mortal worshipers), or have adjacent kingdoms.

Demon Lords are such powerful Fiends that they are capable of granting spells and power to their debauched Clerics.

Known Demon LordsEdit

As the Abyss is nigh infinite, so too are the number of demon lords. However, this is a list of those demon lords with a well-known interest in the Young Kingdoms.