A god is a being of great power that controls some aspect of mortal affairs, referred to as the god's "portfolio". Gods are eternal beings, and cannot be killed or destroyed permanently by any means (not even by other gods). However, they can fade away because of a lack of worshippers. Worshipers are necessary for the continued existence and powers of a deity. The numbers and fervor of a god's worshipers determine in large part the power of the deity. Deities without worshipers or who are fading in popularity fade in power, and in extreme cases can even vanish completely due to neglect.


A pantheon is a grouping of deities, often with overlapping worshipers. All of them are based on races or cultures, usually with strong geographic ties. It sometimes occurs that two deities will claim the same portfolio, though generally in such cases the two gods rule different aspects of the same area.

Fiend WorshipEdit

Some Fiends have gained enough mortal followers on Faerûn to achieve a divine portfolio. Most of these are Demons and Devils who have created cults for themselves and thus achieved divine status through the power of worship.


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