As per normal, the Player Characters will be awarded experience points at the end of each game session. Experience will be awarded based not just on how many and which monsters you've defeated, but also on participation, problem solving and plot development.

Bonus ExperienceEdit

Bonus experience points will be given out for any of the following:

  • Rule of Cool moments that add to the storyline in an entertaining way.
  • Rule of Funny moments that add to the storyline in a non-intrusive way.
  • Extra-ordinary role-playing that goes over-and-above the usual requirements.
  • Writing an "in-character diary" of your adventures during the campaign.
  • Collaborating with other players to produce "side stories", written as fiction, that fit within accepted background limits of the game world. (It should be pointed out to those would-be wizards out there that stories about crafting magical items is a good way to offset the cost of constructing those items or even cancel it altogether for a good story and a cheap item).
  • Creating and submitting a background element for the game world, and having that background element added to the Young Kingdoms. Such submissions can fall into either the Background Flavor category (which includes such things as new plants and animals, geographical phenomena, stellar phenomena, myths and fairy tales, legendary NPCs, legendary magical items, songs and poetry, fiction pieces, and so on) and the Rules category (which includes such things as new spells, new pieces of equipment, new feats, new skills, and so on).

Experience Point PenaltiesEdit

The following will earn a player a penalty to their earned experience points:

  • Blatant and intentional stupidity (or, as it was put once by Dan Spinelli, "Acting like a dumb shit just because you can act like a dumb shit.")
  • Out of character actions.
  • Off-alignment actions.
  • Using player knowledge when there's no possible way for your character to know what the player knows.

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