Originally, the Warforged did not use names, as they had no need of them. They were simply referred to as "Soldier 1", "Soldier 8", "Soldier 76", and so on. It has only been recently that they have come to understand that other races have a need to label everything, including other beings, and thus have begun to use names.

Thus Warforged are willing to accept whatever name other people see fit to give them, and Warforged who are traveling with members of other races are generally referred to by nicknames. These nicknames tend to be either descriptors or random words.

It should be noted that a rare few Warforged have retained their previous designation rather than adopt a new name. Others have dropped the "Soldier" and refer to themselves only by their number.

Names Commonly Used By The Warforged
Adamant Cudgel Harp Pierce Soul
Although Cutlass Harsh Pilgrim Sound
Amethyst Dagger Harvester Pillar Spade
Anchor Daisy Hatch Pin Spark
Anvil Dark Heavy Pit Spear
Apple Dash Helm Pitch Spell
Argent Deadbolt Hero Pitchfork Sphere
Arm Deadman Hide Planchet Spike
Arrow Deed Hinge Plate Spindle
Arsenal Defect Hold Platinum Spine
Ash Demon Holy Plow Sputter
Autumn Dent Homunculus Pommel Spyglass
Axe Diamond Hook Portcullis Squalor
Axis Dirk Horse Porter Square
Axle Door Hound Post Squeak
Bad Doorstop Human Prayer Stalwart
Ballast Dragon Hurricane Pride Stand
Ballista Drive Hymn Prime Steady
Bandit Dross Intelligence Prodigy Steam
Bane Drum Iron Profit Steel
Barb Dusk Ironhide Prophet Sting
Baron Dust Ironsoul Pyramid Stock
Barrel Echo Jack Quarryborn Stone
Bash Edge Jackbrass Queen Strike
Bastion Effigy Jade Query String
Battle Eloquent Jakes Quicksilver Strong
Bear Emerald Jester Quill Sudden
Bellows Etch Jetsam Racket Sunder
Big Face Joust Rake Symbol
Bishop Faith Junk Ram Tall
Black Fall Junker Rascal Tame
Blade Farmer Keeper Ratchet Tank
Blast Father Kettle Rectangle Temper
Blink Fear Keys Red Tempest
Block Fetch King Relic Ten
Blue Filch Kingpost Revenance Tenbolt
Blunt Finger Knight Revenant Tender
Boar Finish Lance Reverie Term
Bone Fist Lantern Rib Thane
Book Flail Last Rigid Thick
Bowyer Flame Latch Rivet Thimble
Bracket Flange Lathe Rock Throne
Brass Flangefoot Leaf Rod Thumb
Brawl Flea Lighthouse Rook Thunder
Break Fleet Lightning Rooster Tick-Tock
Brick Fletcher Line Rose Tinker
Broken Flint Link Ruby Titan
Broker Flotsam Lock Rumble Tome
Bronze Foot Lore Rust Tongs
Brother Force Lost Saber Tongues
Brute Forge Lump Safety Torque
Bulkhead Fork Mace Salt Tower
Bull Fort Mad Sanctified Tracks
Butcher Frame Mangle Sanction Tranquility
Caltrop Free Marble Sanctuary Translator
Cambered Freedom Mason Sapphire Tree
Candle Frenzy Massive Scabbard Triangle
Cantilever Friend Mast Scarecrow Trim
Captain Frigate Mattock Scavenger Trinket
Case Front Maul Scimitar Triumph
Catapult Fulcrum Mausoleum Scorch Trumpet
Cauldron Furnace Meadow Scorn Truss
Chain Gallows Melt Scout Turtle
Chalice Gardener Mender Scrap Uncle
Chamber Garotte Mercury Scrapper Unforgiven
Channel Gate Midnight Scribe Unit
Chase Gatecrasher Mill Scroll Verbatim
Chief Gather Monocle Scythe Vigil
Chime Gauntlet Monolith Secure Victor
Church Gear Morning Seed Violet
Citadel Glean Morningstar Seeker Virtue
Clamp Glimmer Mortar Seer Voice
Clank Glitch Mother Sergeant Wagon
Clarion Glitter Mountain Shade Wake
Claw Glory Mule Shadow Wall
Cleave Goal Muscle Shaft Wand
Cleaver Gold Muster Shale War
Clock Goliath Muzzle Shard Ward
Cloud Good Nails Shear Warden
Codex Grail Needles Shepherd Warlike
Cog Grandfather Nomad Sheriff Warlock
Cold Grandmother Nurse Shield Watch
Coldforge Grapple Oak Shine Wealth
Common Grave Officer Shrine Weapon
Compass Gravestone Onyx Sigil Weather
Cone Gray Oracle Silver Weld
Copper Green Orange Singer Wheel
Cornerstone Grimoire Oreborn Sister Whistle
Corporal Grind Ox Skillet Whistler
Creation Grit Packer Skin White
Cross Guardian Paladin Slag Whittle
Crossbow Gussetplate Patch Slake Will
Crown Gyre Path Slam Window
Crucible Haft Pawn Slash Wolf
Crunch Halo Peace Slave Wrath
Crunk Hammer Peak Sledge Wrathful
Crusher Hand Pen Smite Wrench
Crux Harbinger Pestle Smith Wright
Crystal Hard Petunia Smolder Yardstick
Cube Harness Piece Smother Yellow

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