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The Young Kingdoms Encyclopedia
The Young Kingdoms Encyclopedia is the actual information about the gameworld itself, as opposed to the rules that run the game. This is the information that describes the world of Taranche itself.
Lore of the Land
The Young Kingdoms are not the entirety of the world, but they are a large part of it, and all of the campaigns being run in this world take place there. Thanks to the diligent work of many scholars over many centuries, the details and characteristics of the various lands that make up the Kingdoms have been recorded.
Monsters of Taranche
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Day to Day Life
Most people in Taranche labor as peasants, farmers, or simply craftsfolk, living in countless tiny villages. Over this vast sea of common folk rule the wealthy and the privileged, in whatever form wealth and privilege take in a particular land. In some lands, the common people are ruthlessly shackled and exploited by their cruel overlords, but by and large Taranche is populated by folk content with their lot in life. This section covers many aspects of that life in the Young Kingdoms.
Important People
The Who's Who of the Young Kingdoms, a listing of the important people in the world. For the most part, the common folk of the Kingdoms will only be familiar with their local rulers, and perhaps some of the local legends.

A peasant in Ravenhyrst, for example, is very unlikely to know who the current Duke of Bor Blagov is, nor would he recognize the name Rekaye the Fox, a folk hero and legendary bandit whose tales are told in southern Soravia. But he definitely will know who Count Cellan (the ruler of Ravenhyrst)) is, and will know the tales of the Old Man Oak, the legendary Lord of the Ravenwood.

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