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As the name implies, the main focus of the Young Kingdoms campaign are the Young Kingdoms themselves. However, you can explore the continent of Taranche and other continents that make up the world.
The World of Taranche
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The Young Kingdoms
The various kingdoms and nations of the Young Kingdoms have arisen during the four hundred years since the Fall of the Empire.

Border Kingdoms

Bor Blagov

Broken Kingdom

Danicor | Lephid | Tarn

Cold Reaches

Ice Islands | Iceclaw Peninsula | Sea of Ice

Desert Kingdoms

Burning Sands | Fangpeaks | Highspires | Pushkar | Skyspears | T'briz Escarpment | Ula'akand

EasterSea Coast

Areth Prian | Bay Road | Bluespring Road | Bor Tanish | Brownwater Bog | Calafia | Cobb's Stair | Copper Hills | Diamondfall Lake | Diamondflow River | Eastern Dales | Geddon's Climb | Giantspire Mountains | Gnarled Forest | Goldenfields | Hidden Road | Hill of Sorrow | Hilltown Village | Fox Hills | Kelvari | Kembron Island | Kotrir | Lastport | Lumberjack's Waltz | North Road | Onyx Bridge | Povero | Ravenhyrst | Ravenwood |, Serpentscross | Silverwing Bay | Soravia | Starspike Mountains | Ten Sails | Trade Road | Trail of Tears | Tun Mounds | Tyneman's Chateau | Valley of Bones | Winsor Farms | Wood of Serpents | Woodstock

Lost Coast

Arrow Peninsula | The Arrowtips | Ash Peaks | Bor Tobrerik | Bor Ildhafn | Bor Innilgard | Bor Kessog | Goblin Hills | Hills of Smoke | Ironkeep | Pelegosto Island | Quiet Library | Sea of Sawgrass | Snakebite Hills | Sepia Highlands | Slug River | Spiderwood | Turtle Island | Velvet River

Northern Heartlands

Dentraver | Duvik's Pass | Gallesgna | Harachsholt | Murany | Potamo | Serpent's Pass | Ursember | Western Dalelands

Northern Marches

The Badlands | Bor Mistern | Deeping Wood | The Hellpeaks | Nalanthale | Sea Mountains | Steaming Sea

Sea of Horses

Birnia | Broken Teeth | Khyron | Khyrrus | Tan Erekesh Archipelago | Tan Mordru

Southern Heartlands

Crothe Island | Death's Head Island | Forest of Bones | Perlay | Shipwreck Bay | Starscraper Mountains | Temesek

Tan Aaten Archipelago

Byrne| Jarasport | Korispo

Tan Lemanar Archipelago

Eerith Tira | Leptoer | Sea Bones | Straits of Lemanar

Wolf Plains

Frozen Peaks | Last Hope Outpost | Land of the Vonol Wolflords

Other Continents
In addition to the Young Kingdoms, the other continents of Taranche have been traveled and populated.
The lush southern sub-continent of Taranche.
The smallest of the continents, made of of thousands of islands.
A savage and ancient land filled with strange kingdoms and stranger magic.
Western Methahael 
The rest of the continent that contains the Young Kingdoms.

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