History of Taranche
An understanding of history is an understanding of today. The history of Taranche is rich in detail, and events of the past shape and effect the events of the present... and the future.
Timeline of History
The recorded history of Taranche is split into ages, each a distinct and fascinating period of its own. Information from before the Age of the Elves is now all but entirely lost to the modern world.
Age of Elves 
Timeline : -5300 IR to -4500 IR
Age of Legend 
Timeline : -XXXX AR to -XXXX IR
Age of Darkness 
Timeline : -4500 AR to -3500 AR
Age of Chaos 
Timeline : -3500 AR to -1 AR
Age of Rulership 
Timeline : 1 AR to 4605 AR
Age of Rebuilding 
Timeline : 4606 AR to present
Major events
These significant, world-wide events had a major impact on Taranche and form part of common knowledge throughout the Young Kingdoms.
Throughout the history of the Young Kingdoms, armies have clashed on countless occasions and blood has been spilt virtually everywhere across the globe. These are the more notable conflicts.

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