The Whore-Queen
The Mistress of Pleasure and Pain


Chaotic Evil


Debauchery, Drunkeness, Orgiastic Perversion, Prostitution, Sadism, the End of Innocence


Jaded Noblewomen, the Wealthy, Brothel-Owners



Clerics Align:



Chaos, Charm, Evil, Pleasure, Suffering



Revcora is called "the Mistress of Pleasure and Pain" by her followers and "the Whore Queen" by scholars who specialize in the study of cults. On the rare occasion that the goddess is portrayed in artwork, she is shown as either a beautiful woman with long flowing hair, dressed in wear-worn finery that reveals just a bit more of her body than a woman of society should, or else as a nude woman whose sexuality is exaggerated to the point of vulgarity.

Whether she is an actual goddess or simply a demon misleading her followers depends on whom you ask. Prior to their conquest by the Empire, the Jaris included Revcora in their pantheon as goddess of debauchery, greed, and strife. In more modern times, when she is worshipped at all she is worshipped as the goddess of rank perversion.

Most common people have never heard of Revcora. Her cult is generally followed by self-made women of noble stature who are powerful in their own right. On nights of the full moon, they meet in secret to hold orgiastic rituals that always end in the sacrifice of a male virgin to their foul goddess.

Other Faiths

Chayk Ancestor WorshipThe Cult of RevcoraThe Cult of the SharkThe Snake CultThe Way of the Great Mother

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